Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Simple Tip: Ornament Hooks Turned Into Gorgeous Holders

Today beautiful Miss Hannah is here. She is my niece, and one of the most beautiful girls in the world in my biased opinion. Here she is with my incredibly handsome son :))) Well, this picture is taken in April 09, on the shores of Lake Michigan. It just speaks volumes of their wonderful personalities as cousins and kids go.
Chance is teaching Hannah how to skip rocks, always a helpful lesson especially for little girls.

It is so cold here, I think even Penguins went up further south to march around. It is supposed to snow again, about well only 10 inches the everwrong weatherman announced. Chance & Hannah are thrilled at the thought of " a snow day". For their sake, I do too... I think sledding is much more fun than homework. But I won't tell them that. Yet!

Oh another (according to my friends & family) good news is that I finally figured out how to create a facebook page. I am so good at cooking, reading, discussing politics, history and movies; and very modest at times. However when it came to facebook, I was like "why?". Apparently, that was the wrong question.
If you want to be "hip/cool" you may need to get yourself acquainted with a facebook page, (usually kids under 14 are great at helping with these things.) I now have a facebook page and already have 45 friends in 24 hours... Who knew... The number keeps growing... Good Lord. It feels good to be popular :)))

I had to go to Target the other day (well,ok did not have to but really created multiple reasons to go). Such as " how I needed to look at stuff like hangers?" One can never have too many hangers. Plus, I love Target!
I mean who doesn't? It is like a shopping therapy paradise. Great clerks that always smile, orderly, clean spaces filled with things I probably do not need but feel as though I should. And, to make it better, they have sales... Yes!!! When my relatives and friends from overseas visit me, I always make a point to take them to Target. They have all said the following: " I wish we had a Target in our country ". Yes it is retail heaven.

Anyways, while I was walking around, I came across these gorgeous beaded ornament hooks. I do not need hooks for my Christmas tree as I have at last count 1,879. But they looked so adorable, so I thought I will come up with an idea to use them. And I did. Yes you can see the beaded hooks below, and I put them on a hanger to put my scarves (you can put ties, belts etc)...I just love them, I keep opening up the closet door to look at them. Yes, I know I can be such a girl :))) But being a girl is so much fun! Snows of love...

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