Thursday, December 31, 2009

Simple Tips for Travel in London ( & FREE :)

London Freebies

London and I have a long love story. It has treated me like a moody boyfriend would! You may wonder what type of boyfriends I had, well I was a sucker for bad boys long ago. Thank God, turning 30 cured me of that addiction and gave me the most beautiful gift called wisdom (sorry to go all Hallmark on you, but true)... Like a bad boy; London on its bad days showered me with drizzle that may qualify as rain, or gave me overcast silver skies without a sliver of sunshine for days in a row... It was perfect suicide or depression weather. Yet, even when it is grey and wet, it is still gorgeous. And on its sunny days... It is GLORIOUS!

From its East End markets to winding streets of Kensington, London is a lovely enigma...
I used to live in London; in the city, and later in a quaint English village in Surrey...
While there, I had to discover things that were free, or at least cheap... As anyone who visited UK would testify that, a cup of coffee cost you your kidney, an arm & a leg... ok maybe $6 but still!

So while searching, I came across many free things to do: parks, concerts, museums, libraries, clubs, movies, lectures etc & a site that list them regularly. Whoever does not love free, can bypass this but like moi if you do; check it out... (I do not receive any money from the site for promoting them but I should email and ask them maybe).

Well, I digress. Here is the link:

I will write more of my London memories to encourage you to visit this wonderful place... You will be delighted with the sites, pubs, and its charms...You will fall in love and will want to stay longer...

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