Thursday, February 4, 2010

Happy Birthday to Annem, Anane

Mutlu Yillar Annem, 

tomorrow is my mom's birthday, or as she is known "anane" which means grandma, cause she is everyone's grandma. She dishes out her advice to anyone and everyone she meets, solicited or not. I suppose wisdom that comes with age is shared freely. Or at least that is her way of sharing. She is the kind of woman who befriends the construction workers (no not because she wants them to whistle for her) to make them tea or bring them something to eat. In her world, everyone needs a grandma or a mom; cause she has never had either one.

One day, I will write her life story, it will make a great book and probably a better movie. She is filled with wisdom of the old ages, and different, far away, mysterious lands. She has seen and lived through a lot, some with bitter taste, some with laughter. She has overcome all, and she is not just a survivor, she is truly a thriver.

She is opinionated, and funny that makes any comedian laugh out loud while thinking why didn't I say that, she is kind hearted and generous beyond limits that would make Red Cross turn red in embarresment, she has a temper that would make Mt Vesuvius seem like a matchstick, she is organized before Martha Stewart knew how to spell the word, she is a great cook that would make Barefoot Contessa, Rachel Ray, and the entire lot eat their cookbooks for lunch, she is loving in that cool Russian way that makes a hug seem like a military salute, she is humble, friend of the fallen, hungry, sick, always at the bedside of anyone that is in need, always feeding the crowds, and lending a hand or a shoulder to everyone, she is the epitomy of a child who is not fully grown and a mother who is, she is caring in her own way that brings tears to one's eyes whether it is because of laughter or the warmth of her incredible generous spirit, she is love, fun, wisdom, blessing, kindness, generosity, goodness, purity all wrapped in a warm big ball...

Love comes in all forms and shapes, but there is no other like mother's love. It is felt deeply, appreciated better as the years go by, and understood more clearly. Love that is patient, that is kind, and love that endures, love that keeps no record of wrongs. Love that rejoices with the truth, love that always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love that never fails... That is mother's love, always has been, always will be... All around the world, every mother has the most precious child, which is their own.
Being a mother, is being born as a different woman with that baby; a woman of great depth, great faith, great love. When a child is born, he has his mother's heart forever walking outside her body, enveloping him in that beautiful shining love forever and always.

So, my beautiful annem may you have many happy, healthy, prosperous birthdays for many years to come.
May we share them all with you with love, joy and laughter. May you spread the love in you all around the world with your million dollar smile, and make it shine for all of us everyday...

We love you

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